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(Crazy Sale) Set 2: Standard Size Sejadah

Regular price
RM 12.00
Regular price
RM 23.00
Sale price
RM 12.00

Product Details

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Preparation Time:
Premium - add wax seal add ribbon
Basic - no wax seal no ribbon
Premium: 3-5 working days
Basic: 1-3 working days

Not include delivery time, and slots availability.
Subject to confirmation of order & design.
RM 23.00 each RM 17.90 each
SGD 8.05 each SGD 6.27 each
BND 8.05 each BND 6.27 each
USD 23.00 each USD 17.90 each
Mixed with other type of set to enjoy the price rate according to total quantity ordered. Campur bersama jenis set yg berbeza untuk dapatkan kadar harga mengikut jumlah kuantiti pesanan.

*Price and shipping rate listed does not include goods & service tax
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What is in each set?

Set Name: Set 2

(Basic) Box & Design Card
(Premium) Basic + Wax Seal & Ribbon

Packaging: Folded Slider Box / Drawer Box with Gold Insert 

Dimension: 30 x 14.5 x 4.5cm

Color: Black Box, White Box | Kotak Hitam, Kotak Putih

Product: Standard Sejadah / Sejadah Kegunaan Harian

Measurements / Ukuran: 70cm x 110cm

Color / Warna: Random / Rawak

Design / CorakRandom / Rawak

Note: We provide final end product with folded box, and product placed inside the box. Included with card design on each box. Additional charges for wax seal & ribbon (Premium packaging)

Nota: Kami menyediakan produk akhir berserta kotak siap lipat, dan produk diletakkan di dalam setiap kotak. Termasuk kad 'design' pada setiap kotak. Cas tambahan untuk 'wax seal' & reben (Pembungkusan Premium)


Card Design

FREE card design on top of each box. / Percuma kad 'design' pada setiap kotak.
View Design Template Here

Material: Linen paper 250gsm or ivory paper 225gsm (random based on stock availability only)

Printing: Digital Printing / Percetakkan Digital

Card Size: 11cm x 19cm

Design: Select from our ready template design or provide us with your own design in format PDF File, 11cm x 19cm for printing purposes / Pilih daripada templat 'design' yg tersedia atau sediakan kad 'design' sendiri dalam format File PDF, 11cm x 19cm untuk kami cetakkan.

Language: Malay | English

Method: Glue tape

Note: All printing done by Deanna Creations will bear the company's watermark including designs submitted by customers. Any additional printing card is with additional charges. Once the printing is finalize, any reprint requested will be borne by customer.

Nota: Semua hasil cetakkan daripada Deanna Creations datang bersama watermark syarikat termasuk dengan format 'design' sendiri. Sebarang cetakkan tambahan adalah bersama cas tambahan. Selepas cetakkan dilakukan, sebarang permintaan untuk cetakkan semula akan di tanggung oleh pelanggan.


Ribbon color will follow wax seal color / Warna reben akan ikut warna 'wax seal'
View Wax Seal Here



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