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Siti Khadijah Telekung

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RM 120.00
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RM 368.00
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RM 120.00

Product Details

Made from Khadijah Basic Poplin. It is durable, wrinkle-resistant, has cooling sensation and is lightweight.  Also, it has lycra chin cover to give a good support for any facial type.

Sari Mas lace uses a wide, high quality poly cotton lace with pattern inspired from an old Malay manuscript circa the year 1850.

Defne lace is inspired from geometrical pattern that is synonymous with Turkish Ottoman art.


• What's in the box? Top and Bottom

Size: Medium

• Material : Khadijah Basic Poplin V2

 Face Design : Classic

• Fabric Care : Handwash, gentle wash


Packaging Type:

Loose Siti Khadijah Telekung, Telekung only without gift box
Box A: Telekung with plain afrah box, wax seal, ribbon and wish card
Box B: Telekung with personalised calligraphy afrah box, wax seal, ribbon and wish card
Box Size: 220 x 220 x 120mm

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