Set Four

Set Four

Set Four was designed to offer a hassle-free, high-quality square towel that perfectly complements our mini-sejadah made from tenun fabric, which is originally sourced from Turkey. Our mini sejadah has gained popularity as many people use it for solat when they stop by at RnR. Personally, I love the premium towel and always carry it as a must-have item for my baby. Additionally, I use another pair of towels in my kitchen.

When it comes to prints, our Classic Design Series is a favorite among dreamy wedding enthusiasts who want to match their set with these elegant designs.

If you're having trouble deciding on the ideal set and prints for your event, we invite you to visit our showroom where you can get a firsthand look at our products.

I find a good WhatsApp conversation to be quite enjoyable, so feel free to reach out to us through that platform. We strive to assist you as quickly as possible, whether through email, DMs, or WhatsApp.

We are delighted to have clients who can work remotely, especially since a large number of them are located outside of Lembah Klang and even outside of Malaysia, hailing from Singapore and Brunei.

Our WhatsApp discussions are available seven days a week, and our showroom is open for walk-ins or appointments from Monday to Friday.

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