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The Perfume Series (Face Towel & Miniatures)

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RM 199.90
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RM 0.00
Sale price
RM 199.90



STEP 1: Read through the descriptions until the last step before you decide with your order.

Product Description

It is important to place your order with Deposit Payment 8 weeks before delivery date for us to prepare your order in timely manner.

As we strive to provide the best possible for everyone, the color and design of Premium Face Towel will be selected at random based on stock availability.


We encourage Full Payment, but we accept minimum 60% Deposit Payment to proceed and a 40% Balance Payment before delivery.

STEP 2: Select the price rate based on the quantity of your order. You can mix with other perfume as well.


Price Rate Basic Premium
10-19 Sets RM 199.90 each RM 209.90 each
20-29 Sets RM 189.90 each RM 199.90 each
30-49 Sets RM 179.90 each RM 189.90 each
Above 50 Sets RM 159.90 each RM 164.90 each

Minimum order is 10 sets. Please select the right price rate with the selected quantity.

STEP 3: Select color of the exclusive fitted box; white or black.

What is in perfume series set?

  • Miniature Authentic Perfume of your choice
  • Premium Face Towel (30 x 30 cm)
  • Available in white or black box | Box size : 21 x 13.5 x 4.5 cm

17 17

As we strive to provide the best possible for everyone, the color and design of Premium Face Towel will be selected at random based on stock availability.

STEP 4: Choose between basic or upgrade to premium set.

Upgrade to Premium by adding on custom Wax Seal and Ribbon to elicit a more luxurious finished.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 151151
Basic (No Wax Seal & Ribbon)
Premium (Add On Wax Seal & Ribbon)

Choose wax seal & ribbon color, wax seal logo design and wax seal letter of your choice.

View Wax Seal

STEP 5: Fill in the details required for your paper printing on each box. Choose paper printing design from our selection of ready to print design, ranging from floral to classic, or you can choose to send your own design.

Complimentary fine linen paper printing on each box. 
View Design Available

You can choose to send your own design (in pdf file 11 x 19 cm) or choose from our selections of floral to classic design available.

Please fill in the Event Type & Venue, Event Time & Date, and Name to be Printed sections above before checkout.

STEP 6: Adjust the quantity of the set you want to order accordingly and click add to cart. View your cart and once confirm, you are ready for checkout


STEP 7: Fill in contact information, Shipping address, and billing address. You may choose to opt for delivery using courier or pick up at our studio.

Shipping & Pick Up Rate

Recipient Address Courier Shipping Pick Up
Set 1, 3, 4, 5 Set 2, 6,7
West Malaysia 🇲🇾  RM 24 / 30 Sets RM 33 / 30 Sets DC Studio KL
No Charges
Singapore 🇸🇬 RM 155 / 30 Sets RM 225 / 30 Sets JB Hub
RM 30 / 30 sets RM 39 / 30 sets
Brunei 🇧🇳 RM 200 / 30 Sets RM 280 / 30 Sets  Not Available

*For our JB hub, delivery from KL is needed and we encourage to order via WhatsApp as we require to fill in the pick up rate for you. 

Please choose the delivery date or pick up date before placing your order
so that we can arrange your order accordingly to the delivery date and pick up date.

STEP 8: For payment you may choose to pay Full Payment or 60% Deposit Payment and 40% Balance Payment a week before delivery made. Bank account details or Billplz page will appear after you click "place order now".

Payment Local Transaction 🇲🇾  Singapore 🇸🇬 & Brunei 🇧🇳
60% Deposit UOB online transfer UOB online transfer
Full Payment Billplz FPX UOB online transfer

 If using UOB online transfer, please attach your receipt of payment for us to make verification on your payment. You will receive a confirmation of payment through email once your payment is verified. Your order will only be process after payment is successfully verified.

Balance Payment need to be clear a week before delivery and pick up day. Once cleared, our team will arrange delivery and pick up accordingly.


You may log in to your account to check your progress.

Log In Account

Pending payment or waiting for payment verification
Full payment and successfully verified
Partially Paid
Deposits payment and successfully verified
Order is still in preparations process
Order is ready for delivery or pick up

We will send your tracking number via email once your order is succesfully out of delivery.